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The Girl in the Mirror Pt. 2

  Fifteen minutes for a lunch break was shit. It was widely known throughout the office that their boss was a ladder-climbing Manhattan bitch, but she’d taken a particular dislike to Clara as of recently.

  The twenty-first floor women’s restroom was empty. Most of the girls had gone for lunch half an hour ago. Clara didn’t have enough time to go pick anything up and she wasn’t hungry enough for vending machine junk. Instead, she grabbed her purse and thought she’d freshen up before their meeting at three.

  Bending over the counter top, Clara carefully reapplied her red lipstick. She glanced into the mirror to her left and angled her body so that she could make sure her button-up was still tucked into her pencil skirt. Straightening back up, Clara looked into the mirror to her right and tousled her dark waves, then looked back to the center mirror to survey her entire self.

  Her reflection was looking back at her. Clara’s heart pounded. It wasn’t exactly her eyes staring back, but the reflection’s. It didn’t make any sense, but it was happening again. This time, there were three.

  The reflections looked hungry. Their eyes were tapered and dark as the three of them broke free of their confines. Steadily, two of the reflections lowered themselves down from the counter. The other, the center reflection, remained seated with her legs spread.

  Clara looked over at the bathroom door. What would happen if anyone came in? What would they see? She couldn’t tell whether this was real, or if she was going insane.

  The center reflection smirked. “We’re very real, Clara…” she tugged her pencil skirt up her own thighs to expose the soft skin where the thigh-highs ended.

  The left reflection approached Clara, touched a cool hand to her cheek and kissed her deeply. The lipstick felt like satin against Clara’s lips. The reflection slid her tongue inside and traced the roof of her mouth. Clara shut her eyes longingly. The right reflection began running her hands over Clara’s body, feeling her breasts over her shirt, down her stomach, and across her hips.

  “Undress me,” Clara demanded suddenly.

  The right reflection obliged. She started with the top button and worked her way down, tugging the shirt out of her pencil skirt. Clara allowed her to slip it off her arms and let it fall to the tiles. Keeping her eyes trained on the center reflection who was poised on the counter, rubbing herself under her skirt, over her panties. The sight of Clara’s own body made her wet. The right reflection unclasped her bra.

  “Undress yourself now. Both of you.” She spoke to the left and right.

  Both reflections did as they were told. The center reflection kept her eyes on Clara, moaning quietly, her legs spreading farther apart. The left reflection slipped off her heels. Lifting her skirt she unfastened her garter belt from her stockings and slowly began to peel them off her legs. The right began with her shirt, then slowly removed her bra. The two reflections removed their skirts and panties together and stood on either side of Clara perfectly naked, their nipples hard in the cold bathroom.

  Still fully dressed, the center reflection propped both her feet up onto the counter with her knees wide apart. She the wetness of her panties with two fingers, her head back against the mirror.

  “Get on your knees,” Clara said to the left reflection. She crossed over to Clara and lowered herself down. Without waiting for another command she pushed Clara’s thighs apart and pulled her panties down to her knees from beneath her skirt. She lifted the skirt up enough to kiss Clara’s wet pussy, sucking on her clit and running her tongue across the extent of it. She made Clara shudder with pleasure.

  “Come here,” she breathed to the right reflection. Clara took the girl’s breasts in her hands, her breasts, and massaged them, feeling the hard nipples against her palms. They filled her hands, and when the girl opened her lips to moan, Clara pushed her tongue into her mouth and sucked hard on the reflection’s tongue, still squeezing her breasts.

  Opening her eyes and pulling away, Clara looked back at the center reflection, still massaging her clit through her panties. “Finger yourself.” The right reflection moved so that she was sucking on Clara’s neck and licking her collar bone.

  The center reflection pulled the panties aside and pushed in two fingers, groaning. She fingered herself rhythmically, her head back against the mirror again, her eyes shut in ecstasy.

  The left reflection slipped her tongue up inside of Clara. She whimpered and then bent her head down to take the right reflection’s nipple into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and sucked hard, nibbling lightly. With one hand on the back of the left reflection’s head, she used her free hand to rub her fingers in the right reflection’s wetness. It was hot and slippery. The bathroom echoed with their catching breathes.

  The right reflection pressed Clara’s face hard against her breasts and then dragged her fingernails up Clara’s arching back. Just as the left reflection began to lick faster and thrust her tongue inside of her deeper, the right reflection lowered a hand down to massage her clit.

  Clara looked at the center reflection and watched her fingering herself. “Put another finger in,” she ordered huskily. When the center reflection worked the third finger in Clara’s knees weakened and she felt herself cumming. She pulled her mouth away from the right reflection’s breasts. The reflection began to suck and lick Clara’s nipples in return as she stiffened and came on the left reflections lips and chin. She let out a sharp cry of relief and then opened her eyes.

  Clara’s clothes were scattered across the women’s restroom. Her thighs were glistening wet and her lipstick was smeared. There was a sheen of sweat across her forehead, but her reflections stared lustily back at her from behind the mirrors…


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